Everyone is tired of COVID-19 news and have a lot of free time, then we moved to a better idea where people can use that free time to learn and practice something cool!

What it does

Shows users different coding challenges to be solved, currently only supports javascript.

How we built it

We created two teams one for frontend and another for backend, we decided on using Nuxt.js (Vue) for the front-end application with the power of SSR, and for the backend we used

Challenges I ran into

Validating the user's code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Automatic deployment to heroku, DevOps, good practices.

What I learned

No-SQL Databases (MongoDB), CD

What's next for Stay && Code

Improve the platform and bring it to life.

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posted an update

We started with the idea of an application related to COVID-19, then we decided to move to something different to give a better topic to people, so we started on the idea of creating a platform that has coding challenges where people can invest some time to improve their skills.

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