Was interested to make some interesting game on space environment

How this Game works:

The point is 0 at start. Your point increase by 1 every 10 ms when your rocketship doesn't get a collision from the asteroid.

If a collision happens between your rocket and asteroid, you loose 5 points

You can SAVE your rocketship from collision by LEFT CLICK of mouse on the RocketShip that increases the speed of rocketship by 4x

The game finishes when you achieve 250 points & show you the seconds you took to complete the game.

Repeat -----

How we built it

Using Javascript, OpenAI for code and repl for hosting

Challenges we ran into

Faced issues for animated working of the elements , it was the first time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learned to use animations in javascript

What's next for Stay Away from the Asteroids

Different difficulty stages to be yet remaining to be implemented.

The demo shows the EASY level

For MEDIUM level 2 more asteroids are to be added

For HARD level 4 more asteroids are to be added


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