Our product is the Stay At Home Telegram Bot. We have designed this telegram bot with a corresponding nation-wide challenge that we plan to introduce as well. This challenge is called the Stay At Home and Win Challenge.

For this challenge, participants will be given a list of daily challenges to do and there will be a corresponding points and hashtag allocated to each challenge. Such challenges are aimed to encourage participants to make use of their time during the Circuit Breaker well, such as to learn new skills, exercise or to catch up with their friends online. Once the participants complete the challenges, they can take a picture or video recording of them doing the challenge and post it on Instagram with the corresponding hashtag. The challenges will be refreshed daily and no challenges will repeat on 2 days. The points will be consolidated day by day and at the end of the month, the top three participants with the highest points will be awarded with amazing prizes.

The purpose of the Telegram bot is to allow the participants to sign up for the challenge and to track how many points they have collected. They can also track the nationwide rankings and the bot would track their instagram posts to see if they can get the points.

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