The problem

Despite your best efforts, your products or services show unwanted behavior from time to time. Hardware fails, bugs get introduced and unforeseeable events occur. That is why you use a product like, to inform your customers about the status of your product or service and any problems that have surfaced.

The StatusPage shows an accurate status of your product or service, but your customers might forget to look at it when they experience an issue. Or they might not know about it at all. Instead they open a support issue in the Customer Portal of your JIRA Service Desk, which results in lots of support issues about the same problem that you are already aware of.

Now you are not only trying to fix the problem, you also have to deal with a lot of unnecessary support issues.

The solution: StatusPage for JIRA Service Desk

This add-on will display your StatusPage information right on the Customer Portal of your JIRA Service Desk. Customers who are about to create a support issue will be informed about any known problems and that you are already working on a solution. This will drastically decrease the amount of (duplicate) support issues and allow you to focus on finding a solution to the problem instead.

Additionally, this will help your customers by informing them about the status of the product or service. Your customers will see that you are aware of the problem and are already working on a solution. Even before they contacted you. This will increase their confidence in you and your products and services.

But wait, there is more

StatusPage information is also very interesting for anyone who is working on a support issue. Imagine you have a support issue from a customer who has trouble logging in. It would be great if you could see the status of your Login component at the moment the issue was created. And if there were any incident reports or scheduled maintenance going on.

StatusPage for JIRA Service Desk adds all of this information to the issue. Agents can glance over the StatusPage information to see if there are any messages. If there are, they can open a timeline with all incident reports, unstable components and maintenance reports of the 24 hours leading up to the issue. All the information from StatusPage is available in the issue.

This will give you and your team a complete picture of the status of your products and services. It might help you to resolve the support issue or rule out certain possible causes entirely.

Why we built it

We love to help our customers and answer any questions that they might have. Customer support is a very big deal for us and we often hear from customers that they appreciate the effort we put into it. But we don't like to spend time on support issues that could've easily be prevented. So we started looking for improvements on our customer support technology.

At the same time, we wanted to get to know the new JIRA Service Desk API that has been released not long ago. We wanted to learn about the possibilities on the Customer Portal for existing- and possibly new add-ons that we build.

Then Atlassian announced that they acquired "#1 status communication company, StatusPage". This gave us the perfect opportunity for a new add-on which integrates StatusPage with JIRA Service Desk.

What we learned

Combining StatusPage with JIRA Service Desk opens up a world of possibilities. Now that Atlassian has acquired StatusPage, we can expect some very interesting integrations which will make both products even more capable.

What's next for StatusPage for JIRA Service Desk

  • Being able to confirm that an incident caused the issue, which allows for:
    • Sharing knowledge of an incident with your colleagues.
    • Finding all issues that are linked to an incident (using JQL).
  • We would like to integrate with the request creation screen, where users add information to their request.

We are very interested in your feedback after using the add-on.

Live demo

We have integrated our StatusPage information with our own JIRA Service Desk. Visit our JIRA Service Desk to see what it looks like:

You can find our StatusPage here:

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posted an update

Of course we use StatusPage for our Cloud add-ons. The most interesting add-on is Atlas CRM, which is set-up with multiple components. When you visit the Atlas CRM JIRA Service Desk, you can see the StatusPage integration in action.

Unfortunately (for you), Atlas CRM runs quite smoothly and we haven't had any incident reports yet. So you will probably see the "All services are up and running" message in Service Desk.

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