Statushare is a mobile application and cloud data service which provides an innovative method of securely delivering test results to patients using their smart phones.

The Big Idea

The novelty of Statushare centers around its use in conjunction with long-lasting medical patches or temporary tattoos containing a QR code. The code would be applied in a discreet location on the patient's skin by a medical technician at the time of screening. The results, when they become available, are uploaded and stored on a secure medical cloud server. The code is later read via the app and combined with a PIN to display a result.

Statushare allows patients to quickly and easily access their results and share them with anyone they choose. To preserve privacy, the results are delivered without any personally-identifying information attached. The system also allows patients to elect to remain completely anonymous, even to their provider, since there is no need to call, email, or physically mail out results. This is particularly important for members of vulnerable populations who may often be more likely to have a smart phone than a stable address to which test results can be mailed.

Providers may choose to collect and upload some non-identifying demographic information, but this information would only be made available in the form of aggregations through a separate research portal, not on an individual basis through the app. Once the data set is large enough, the research portal may be used provide valuable insights for disease tracking and prevention.


Cell phone penetration is rising rapidly across Africa. The continent’s highest rate of smart phone adoption is in South Africa, where 37% of adults use one. South Africa also has the world’s fourth highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS, with 19% of adults between the ages of 15–49 affected. That’s 7 million people living with HIV/AIDS in a country where nearly 200,000 die of the disease annually.

HIV screening is an obvious use case for Statushare. Screenees in high-risk populations could allow themselves to be scanned by the app on another individual's device and, using the service (partnered with reputable medical labs and providers) as a trusted third-party, demonstrate their own status to others. The ability of users on both sides to make informed choices and to manage their exposure to risk could be dramatically improved placing this simple technology in the hands of those who need it. With your help, we can do just that.

Try Statushare

To try it out yourself, visit this link on your Android device, and click the download link. In order to install the app you will need to go into your device's Settings >> Security menu and toggle the option to allow installations from unknown sources.

Once you have the Statushare app installed, reopen the link on another computer or device, use the app's QR reader to scan the QR code, enter the pin that is displayed on the website, and press enter to see the results appear on your device.

Thank you so much for your interest in Statushare. Please direct any questions or concerns to

The Statushare Team is:

Steve M. Rapp Application development & Mark D. Leach Design and media

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posted an update

A minor change made to the Try-It-Out page on 3/17/17 produced an unexpected bug which made the page containing the download link temporarily unreachable. The issue has been resolved, as long as the page is accessed via the link as it appears on this page.

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