Our inspiration for "Marble Me" was to develop an experience that can be used for the creation of a trend. A repeatable one that is a little different and personal every time you see it on the platform.

The idea for the lens came after we were looking back at some photos from the Palace of Versailles. We started thinking of ways to turn the user into a marble statue while also making it fun and expressive.

The ability to tell stories with the lens was something we were really invested in, so we even gave the user the option to turn off the background image, if it doesn't suit the content - without making the lens too complicated.

What it does

The lens turns the user's body into a marble statue using a couple of handy Lens Studio features. Users have the option to tap on the screen to disable the green screen/background effect.

How we built it

The statue effect was made using the full body segmentation and the body normals texture for details. The background of the lens was created & rendered by Vesselin in Blender.

Challenges we ran into

We were really struggling with finding a way to properly give details to the statue after the segmentation was applied, but the body normals texture helped us achieve the desired level of details. Another thing we used to give more details/relief to the user's face is a face mesh.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Putting together a well-thought-out experience quickly is something that we're really happy with. Apart from that we're really proud of our teamwork & the great collaboration on the idea.

What we learned

We learned how we can add some relief features on a segmented body in Lens Studio, by using the Body Normals Texture. We also experiemented & mastered creating vegetation for the background rendered image in Blender and combining it with a believable HDRI, coupled with a mist pass for added immersion.

What's next for Marble Me

We're really excited to take a look at what people create with Marble Me. We believe that it's packed with potential for storytelling and a trend, so we're looking forward to seeing what people around the globe come up with.

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