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The team was very excited for this competition, as none of them had previously participated in any Hackathon competition. The entire week leading up to the event consisted of hopeful talk and growing excitement for what lay ahead. Mason and Alex had no prior experience building responsive web apps, so Michael gave the team a serious crash course into HTML, CSS Bootstrap, Javascript, and MongoDB.

What is SurveyMaster?

SurveyMaster is a survey hosting/analytics tool that is perfect for live presentations, long term survey analysis, or even a great survey tool to use with your favorite app: reddit. SurveyMaster lets you become the master of surveys, giving you the power to create a survey, host that survey, and actively watch participant data and analytics flow in.

How does SurveyMaster differ from other survey tools?

SurveyMaster is unique in that it has a sleek, easy-to-use design that works very well for users with little to no technical prowess, while also still providing relevant, good-looking data to more advanced users.

Where to go from here?

The brilliant thing about SurveyMaster is that it is coded well, such that expansion in virtually any direction is possible. Though we had charts and graphs implemented, they were not able to make the final cut. With more time and a revisiting of fetching results data from MongoDB and feeding that into the charts, it would be possible to implement many different forms of sleek statistical data and provide more ways for users to analyze their surveys.

The other feature up on next on the drawing board is using AJAX to live-update the analytics/results page to show data flow in real time. While we were close on this mark too, we had to ultimately scrap it, leaving behind a skeleton of what it would have been.

It is exciting imagining the different directions this site will be able to take without a 36-hour encapsulation around it. The team would be able to sleep and really focus 100% on the code without drifting off or having the mind wander off.

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