Inspiration: One of the largest issues today in Southern California is the under and overestimation of the risk of exposure to COVID-19. With the recent easing of mask regulations and the reopening of businesses, there is a high chance of a second wave of corona infections in our area. Additionally, COVID-19 has had a serious impact on small businesses. Approximately 100,000 of them had already closed down as of May, with millions more at risk, and it is important to support local businesses during this time. It is necessary to take measures to effectively stabilize neighborhood businesses and ensure the safety of the public going forward.

What it does: STATmobile has two main goals: ensuring public safety and promoting local businesses. To fulfill our objective, STATmobile will fluidly integrate local, regional, and global data to personalize your risk evaluation. One feature anonymously assesses your probability of infection with relevant symptoms and provides a list of accessible testing and treatment locations if needed. The location search function will calculate a specific location’s risk percentage of infection based on your age group and estimated time to spend there. If there has been an infected person at a location you searched for within the last 14 days, you will be notified of possible exposure. The app also shows what times the store will be most populated, which allows you to take preventative measures. STATmobile also strives to promote local businesses to help support them in this time of uncertainty.

How we built it: We took publicly available databases and existing systems, then integrated the data in a comprehensive manner to quantify risk and present it to the user. Using MIT AppInventor, we created a prototype of the app to demonstrate its basic intended features. Computation of the percent risk is performed internally and relies mostly on variables taken from public databases and business input, but also includes those supplied by the user.

What’s next: We will include more locations around the world and extrapolate data for people without access to technology. We will also expand app functionality to remain relevant after the COVID-19 pandemic for tracking other illnesses and infectious diseases. Additionally, we will maintain the accuracy of our app by implementing human verification or proof of location.

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