I'm a competitive Pokemon player and it's a hard game to manage. Numbers overwhelm even the smartest players sometimes and it's about time the strategy of calculating damage and countering potential threats entered the 21st century!

How it works

There are 3 parts to the app.

  1. The Damage Calculator. Simply input your Pokemon and the moves you want to use, and the damage calculator will tell you exactly how much damage you will inflict down to the last hit point!

    1. The Pokedex! We all know a trainer's bible is his Pokedex. Well the one from the cartoon that talks and knows Pokemon on site still doesn't exits, so we'll have to educate your phone a little bit here. Statix gives a plethora of information about each of the 721 known species.
    2. The last part of this beautiful puzzle is no ready for action today, but it will be very soon. The idea is that Pokemon is a game of customization. It is very rare that any 2 pokemon in one place (even 2 Pikachu's) are the same. Every trainer has their favorite "moveset" on dozens of Pokemon that they use on a regular basis. Phase 3 allows users of Statix to post their customized creations to the web and start creating an online community / library.

Challenges I ran into

PLENTY! 1st, Android Studio didn't recognize my resoursec folder, so I took an hour debugging the IDE. In the program, I had to create a few custom views for the information I want to display.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I finished 1st of all. Thre may be more things to add, but I said I wanted to finish the 1st two phases and I got there in good time. Second, I'm proud that this app is something I'm actually going to use in the future. It's not just some app that I thought would impress sponsor or two. It's practical and functional, and that's what really counts.

What I learned

I learned a ton, and not just from my program. From the other students on my floor, I learned a lot about front-end programming; which I knew nothing about. The mentors were awesome and I learned a great deal about software in the real world. And also, not to be afraid of Git just because its on the terminal. This is just my second hackathon, but each time I get something I take with me for life.

What's next for Statix

Android Market! No less! ...Possibly with a Dropbox database plan...

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