Three simple rules:

  1. The more you move, the bigger is your daily earning.
  2. When you are passing a free Station, you can buy it.
  3. When you are passing a taken Station, you have to pay a fee.

Every day millions of people are using the train, passing the same stations over and over again. Why not making the world to our playboard with ourselves beeing the player.

With stationary you can buy real train stations, which many player have to pass on a daily basis. Each time a player passes, he has to pay you a little fee. You can hold a station for 1 day. Every time you pass your own station it will prolong for another day. If you have 3 stations in a row, you will be able to upgrade your stations which makes them more valuable and more expensive for the other players to pass. Your balance will increase daily, depending on the stations you have passed the day before.

From time to time events take place, which will increase or decrease your balance and if you are up to, you can take special quests which will put you ahead of your competitors.

have fun

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