When I joined this hackathon I wanted to know the needs of this ecosystem. I searched for a bit and decided to push the progress of the web3 and build a fully decentralized NFT auction house.

There are currently no tools to auction your NFTs in a fully decentralized way. Most people use centralized solutions, which goes against the main blockchain principles. Creating a decentralized auction house is the next step in web3 growth. Also, I wanted to make it really intuitive to use, so that every user could benefit from that project.

What it does

It allows users to create NFT auctions on TRON in a fully decentralized way.

Users can create auctions and interact with a smart contract using the intuitive frontend. Additionally, it's deployed on the IPFS, which makes the project even more decentralized.

It also has an easy and intuitive interface to manage and view your portfolio:

  • Tron won on your auctions
  • NFTs that you successfully auctioned
  • All currently available auctions
  • All unclaimed auctions

How we built it

The project is built and deployed on the growing Tron ecosystem. Its core logic is based on EVM-based smart contracts written in Solidity. Frontend is created using React with Typescript to make a code more readable and easier to understand for new developers. It's also deployed on IPFS, which makes it more decentralized.

Challenges we ran into

Completing everything before the deadline was really hard. I wish I had more time to add even more features. The core infrastructure is there and users can test the working and deployed version of the application.

What we learned

Learned what is Tron and how it can be used for future projects. During my research, I learned a lot about the current Tron ecosystem and technical aspects.

What's next for

If I get to win the hackathon I want to further develop this project and turn it into a feature-rich platform for everything related to NFT management, auctioning, and trading. In my opinion, it will be a very valuable NFT project for the Tron ecosystem.

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