Corporate companies like Statefarm can have a huge impact on environmental protection with their huge consumer base and employees. They can help reduce and improve the environmental footprint of big cities like Dallas. Eventhough companies can contribute to environment by using water driers in place of napkins, planting trees in surroundings, reducing carbon emissions etc.. It is important that the change in the behavior should come from within people to make environment more friendly and gamification with corporate companies giving rewards is a great way to keep people motivated.

These days, most people will do what they can to lessen their individual impact on the environment. We shut off the tap while brushing our teeth. We try to remember to bring those reusable grocery bags along, when we head to the supermarket. The problem is, other than these, very few, popular green habits, most people are at a loss when it comes to living a more Earth-conscious lifestyle. So, now what? How do we get people to not only invest their valuable time learning new green habits, but also expend the energy necessary to implement these new habits into their daily life?

The answer is simple. We use gamification. Reward users for their contributions to the environment protection. With the help of reward based gamified sustainability apps, more and more people can become committed to their own environmental responsibility.

What it does

It has two parts: Employee sign-in and Consumer sign-in.

Employee Sign-in:
Employees can do different tasks for getting points and get rewarded with incentives based on points.
Employees with highest rewards for that month will be declared a "Special Winner"
1) Use Digital Business Card to share your contact information, track number of shares.
2) Once a week, use public transport/carpool/bike ride to work and get points.

Consumer Sign-in:
Consumers can do different tasks to get points and rewarded with incentives like insurance premium reduction etc..
1) Carpool/Use public transport to work and attach proof to get points
2)Use renewable sources electricity and reduce your house insurance premium
3)Use "Statefarm Saturdays" to get rewarded with ecological products like reusable bags, plants, etc..
4)Post your ecological achievements in the consumer newsfeed and get points

How we built it

Analysis: We brainstormed about the ways companies like state-farm can have huge environmental impact and found gamification is a great way to involve more people continuously as it succeeded in many industries.

Development: iOS, Swift, XCode, firebase, marvelapp for UI

Challenges we ran into

Choosing the ways that can make people be more environment friendly continuously.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Ways that corporate companies can make use of their consumer base to contribute the environment.

What we learned


What's next for StateFarm Ecological Rewards

Improve app with Leaderboard, daily tip suggestions on how to be environment friendly, collaborate with other companies like energy providers, water providers and combine that data to improve suggestions to consumers.

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