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With the endless amount of bubble tea spots in New York City, our team thought it would be fun to try and map bubble tea places around the city by using data derived from Yelp and visually generating maps based on a given location. We designed this React app for all the boba addicts out there who’ve ever wondered what a heatmap of their favorite bubble tea spots around their neighborhood would look like since data visualization is a visually aesthetic way to explore patterns in datasets.

What it does

Takes coordinate data from google maps, to make yelp requests for reviews and locations for bubble tea restaurants around your specified location. It then aggregates data in a visually appealing way.

How we built it

React, Node, Yelp API, Google Maps API, Gimp, and our best friend- Google

Challenges we ran into

Setting up d3 in react to have animations, and more features

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to make a POC in the short amount of time that we had

What we learned

It’s very difficult to build nice looking maps (especially if you’re looking for that opaque, overlapping effect), how to use Yelp API

What's next for StaTEAstics

Different maps, not just a heat map that presents most popular boba flavors as well a more interactive bubble tea data visualization section with fancy animations. Also have an option for visualizing for larger scopes (entire state, country) (probably accomplished through storing all bubble tea restaurants).

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