I first started thinking about State Puzzles while watching my 4th grade brother trying to learn his states. I wanted to make an easier and more enjoyable way to learn state geography. I had already developed a simple iPhone game, and I wanted to try something more complex.

The app is focused on a 4th and 5th grade audience, but I added features that would make it applicable to kids younger or older. I knew a puzzle app would be fun, because everyone likes puzzles. I built a ‘race mode’ where users can compete to solve the puzzle the fastest. I also built a ‘capital flashcard mode’ where the users can learn the state capitals.

For me the best part of this experience is watching how popular it became over the course of 1 year. State Puzzles has over 10,500 total downloads. It has been downloaded in 55 different countries and is used in schools across the nation.

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