Inspired by the automation and surrealist art movements of cuban dadaism, a antithesis invented by the author, this skill goes beyond voice to a rich repertoire of color, form and gestalt in art therapy. Using cluster analysis to evaluate art as data mining, this skill is an accompaniment to a scientific publication of the subject, cited below. The skill brings art, media and next, interactive art to Alexa, a new chapter.

What it does

The skill illustrates a newer form of Gestalt based art therapy, The skill illustrates examples of art in the state pod gestalt, illustrating the figure of states in a medley of surrealist transition and the simultaneous space time of all the stet pods. Alexa take the role of a narrator, explaining the therapy in words.

How I built it

VoiceFlow is a visual declarative GUI, to creating VUI based UI/UX , illustrating a low coding approach. It integrates APL, media, to create a rich medium to express the creative arts as well as psychiatry, UI and UX.

Challenges I ran into

There were many instances when, the compiler in voiceflow would go haywire, needing reboots and out of the box thinking.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Gestalt Art Therapy and State Pod Automatism, let me study the nature of my sub-concious and let me regress into my past lives, I am proud of this technique of self analysis through art therapy and art.

What I learned

Low Code is essential, compared to coding in APL and using the ask-cli, which is dauted with hurdles and pitfalls, leading to a low morale and frustration, low code enables higher productivity.

What's next for State Pod Automatism.

State Pod Automatism goes interactive with cluster analysis to analyse the art examples.

Built With

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