Stress and anxiety are at an all time high in our world filled with conflicting stimuli – media, notifications, noise, pollution and sensory overload.

Remote working, tight deadlines, night shifts, long hours, fear of uncertainty and temporary home office desk all contribute to a wealth of mental and physical problems which can have a huge effect on the productivity of your workforce and health in general.

Many people are unequipped with the knowledge of how to deal with mental health and stress-related illnesses in self-isolation. In the UK alone, the average leave taken by employees due to stress, depression or anxiety was 24 days per year.

We are joining forces with pioneers, innovators and thought leaders from the fields of Nutrition, Functional Music, Immersive, Emerging Deep Technologies like Machine Learning and IoT, Health & Wellness, and Traditional Spiritual Practices like meditation and breathwork to take a deep dive into the world of the holistic approach to Mental Health and Human Potential Acceleration. By implementing simple exercises for both emotional and physical wellbeing, this is a statistic which can be dramatically reduced and you can enjoy the benefits of having a happy, healthy workforce.

What it does

State On Demand is a Health & Happiness startup that’s on a mission to empower humans to take control of their Mind & Body and tune in with the natural rhythms using Personalised Immersive Wellbeing.

Multisensory Wellness platform designed to boost productivity and performance from one side of the spectrum and empower humans to fall asleep faster and tackle anxiety naturally.

Our Immersive Wellbeing programmes include Targeted Nutrition Formulas, Personalised Multisensory Experience & Deep Tech that provides Smart Environments adapting to the user’s real needs. Our science-backed Machine Learning Algorithms creates hyper-personalised Set & Settings based on the Circadian and Ultradian rhythms.

State On Demand recommendation platform is designed to tune your Mind & Body to mental states at will, providing tools like Functional Sounds, Visual Stimulation, Light Exposure, Colour Therapy, Room Temperature and our Targeted Nutrition Formulas to make an impact on mental and physical health.

Improve Sleep, Reduce Anxiety, Prevent Burnout, Transform Stress, Heighten Creativity, Boost Energy, Peak Performance, Work Smarter, Improve Focus, Get Inspired, Be Calm, Improve Social Skills and Recover Faster.

How I built it

Targeted Formulas - Cognitive & Emotive enhancement with Nutrition

Based on questionnaires and biometrics data like brain waves, heart rate, breathing patterns and we can recommend Personalised Herbal Synergy and Drug Discovery for Emotional & Psychological enhancement. Our targeted Nutrition Formulas are created with the active ingredients to deliver specific benefits, instant relief and to help you take control of your Health & Happiness.

Botanicals, Adaptogens & Brain Nutrients as Herbal Precision Medicine: Hemp, Coconut MCT, Turmeric, Ashwagandha, St. John’s Wort, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, Macadamia, Kava, Coffee, Bacopa, Rosemary, Chamomile, Rhodiola, Valerian, Eleuthero…

Holistic Programmes - Personalised Cognitive & Psychological Conditioning

State On Demand discovers, predicts and transforms stress patterns with personalised recommendations of digital therapeutics. Discover data-driven insights and science-based tools from multisensory experiences, Guided Meditation, Sound Bath and Breathwork, Smart Environments, Functional Soundscapes, Binaural Beats, Generative Music, Spatial Audio, Visual Stimulation, Virtual Reality, Proximity to Nature, Interactive Biofeedback Games, Light Intensity, Colour Therapy, and Room Temperature.

Deep Tech - AI enhanced Mind & Body stimulation with Human Data

Discover your hyper-personalised wellness using the power of data science and deep technology. Using questionnaires and biometrics we can measure how is your Mind & Body influenced by a set of modalities from Targeted Nutrition Formulations to Personalised Smart Environments including Functional Sounds, Visual Stimulation, Light Exposure, Colour Therapy and Room Temperature.

We track, analyse both static data from questioners and dynamic data with biosensors to create hyper-personalised multisensory experiences using Machine Learning modules. Based on Human Data Profiling and other data inputs like Apple and Android Heath, Circadian rhythm, Geolocation, Weather, Light Exposure, we can recommend Immersive Wellness programmes, Discover Targeted Herbal Synergy, adapt your set and settings as a smart environment, suggest bespoke activities in certain time of the day like meditation, yoga, breathwork, match you with experts, and even predict a disorder.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges are to get more data from the user in order to train the modules in order to have more hyper-personalised recommendations. We are asking people to fill in the Mindful Score questioner as the first step of our static data collection process. How Mindful are you?

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of the targeted nutrition and herbal synergy formulas we created that have instant relief when used with multisensory stimulation for specific states on the mind.

We have successfully delivered several multisensory events in London and received amazing feedback from more than 1000 people and we are still continuing to deliver online live streaming sessions in the time of corona lockdown.

What I learned

We now that everyone is different and needs personalised treatment. We also discovered that not everyone who would like to use the platform has some sort of biosensor at home so we have to focus our data science more on static data using questioners before really get to use the power of AI.

What's next for State On Demand

We aim to connect to platforms like smart homes and be compatible with most of the voice assistants on the market in order to support mental health and wellbeing for all human beings in self-isolation.

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