I have used various data visualization tools over the years and knew that pre-existing tools would be much more robust than anything I could create.

What it does

Allows large quantities of various data to be visualized using Metabase and shared to the public via couchCMS

How I built it

Mostly straight forward with some slight customization of couchCMS

Challenges I ran into

Massaging .csv files to import into mySQL, displaying of iframes in couchCMS

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting all the components to "talk", having an idea and seeing it through to completion

What I learned

This was my first experience with Google Cloud Platform for hosting and I was very impressed

What's next for State of Hawaii Executive Branch IT Visualization

Waiting to be notified of my victory... :) There are some improvements that could be made, specifically increasing security and connecting directly to a data source rather than using .csv files.

Built With

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