Looking at State Farm's objective of trying to serve their customers better during times of crises, we thought to take advantage of the reach and community reputation State Farm has already. Many people would like to make a difference in their communities, or even improve their own individual safety, but lack the time, know-how, or incentive to do so. By using the existing resources and community clout of State Farm, we can encourage many individual small changes that add up to large scale community impact.

What it does

This new feature to the existing app would enable current users to enroll in specific community challenges that upon completing, would reward them with points that could be used towards policy discounts.

How we built it


Challenges ran into

Planning and figuring out time constraints. Felt we spent too much time building site and designing and not enough of getting functional challenges running.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our use of APIs - We're actually most proud of a couple of features that didn't really even make it into the project but that was fun to learn and work on.

One of our challenges was related to staying home during this pandemic. My teammate was able to implement the TomTom Geofencing API to surround his house.

For another challenge we had users create DIY facemask and upload the images. We were able to use Clarifai image recognition API and train the model to recognize images of people wearing masks and determine if the person in the photo indeed submitted a picture of someone wearing a mask.

What we learned

We really learned how much we have to learn, and a blast coding all night with everyone!

What's next for State Farm app community feature

Continue to work on the challenges.

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