Inspired by the numerous use cases of social media platforms ie. Facebook, around us to be able to reach a specific target audience, and create content for individuals to engage with.

What it does

StatBook is a data analytics dashboard for Facebook users. We believe in a personalized experience thus if you're an influencer that wants stay relevant amongst your target audience, a corporation that's trying to sell its products or just someone who wants to share memories with your network, StatBook is just the product for you. The platform provides individuals with information about their top engagers, summary of reactions, analytics for post sentiment and an intelligent recommendation engine to help find key words that have proven to encourage maximum engagement amongst each individual's profile.

How we built it

Using the following technologies: Facebook Graph API, Microsoft Azure, Node.js, Javascript, React, HTML & CSS.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge that we ran into while developing StatBook was narrowing down our set of ideas to finally come up with a problem and solution that our entire team was interested and passionate about working on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team we were really proud of being able to complete the project in the given timeline whilst being able to experiment with new technologies such as Microsoft Azure and the Facebook Graph API, for the very first time!

What we learned

On the technical side, we learned about the importance of breaking down the different components of our full stack application and identifying how every individual component comes together in the end, to make a successful product.

What's next for StatBook

There is truly a lot of potential for the future of Statbook. Beyond the scope of the 36 hour Hackathon our next steps would include upgrading our current UI and making it more customizable per user, to ensure that it really gears towards their goal with using facebook, as a social media platform, to promote their brand.

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