Stat-Milestones is a Twitch panel extension, designed to help streamers or Twitch channels achieve their desired goals, by setting high or low targets, to help their dreams become a reality!

The first iteration of this project will help streamers/Twitch channels set high or low milestones of the follower counts, they intend to achieve.

What it does

Have you ever heard of the saying “a dream is just a dream without goals.”? Does this apply to the number of followers you wish you had?

Well look no further now you can get your viewers or that extra motivation to help you achieve the stats streamers and channel's have always dreamed of!

This Twitch extension will let you set milestones of the statistics/followers you want to achieve, aim high or low your viewers can see how you are currently doing. depending on your type of achievement viewers will be able to help and get involved, by either following you or by simply cheering you on!

This extension allows users to configure their desired followers. The extension displays the current progress to viewers whom can help get involved by either following or simply cheering the streamer/channel along. Once the Twitch channel has reached it's followers milestone, users will be displayed with the rendering of an achievement screen.

How I built it


  • VueJS
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Webpack

EBS / Back-end:

Programming Languages:

  • Go


  • AWS services:

    • AWS Cloudformation I utilized AWS Cloudformation to outline the template of the serverless EBS architecture, AWS Cloudformation automates the orchestration of building and deploying services.
    • AWS Lambda I utilized AWS Lambda to create serverless AWS proxied lambda functions to interact with the Twitch configuration service to save user configuration and retrieve the amount of followers for a Twitch channel.
    • AWS API Gateway I utilized API Gateway to define a serverless API, which proxies requests to my AWS Lambda functions. My endpoints were configured to be routed via a configured token authorizer, to validate client Twitch extension JWT tokens, for security purposes, before endpoint execution.

What's next for Stat-milestones

  • Display recent followers (in a facebook live reactions emoji manner)
  • Subscribers
  • Apex Legends / PUBG (kills, deaths, Matches played, K.D Ratio)
  • League of legends / DOTA2 (champions or heroes played)

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