Credz: Zero-Knowledge Credentials for Progressive Trust

How can we improve the process of engaging in negotiation with strangers over the internet? Can negotiation and trade improve if parties were able to verify claims made by the opposing parties? What if you were able to prove facts about yourself, your financial position, your reputation, the condition of your physical assets for sale without completely forfeiting your privacy? Might you pose a set of challenges during the negotiation phase and increase your level of trust in your counter party if they were able to respond to your queries with verifiable proofs? Our solution uses the concept of Progressive Trust using Zero-Knowledge Proofs. In this protocol, claims asserted by a party are encoded into ZKP and verified by the other party. Verifiable claims that are privacy preserving and composable are called Zero-Knowledge Credentials.

What Credz does

Zero Knowledge Credentials issued through the Credz application allow individual expression and customization of Progressive Trust decision trees during a negotiation process and facilitate successful asset transfers.

How we built Credz

Adherence to open internet standards and emergent industry best practices make Credz interoperable with other participants in the New Decentralized Economy. We play nice with others so that users of the application will seamlessly and privately present their Zero-Knowledge Credentials in daily interactions with their surroundings.

Challenges we ran into

The ZKP Hackathon was a great opportunity to dive deep into Zero Knowledge Proofs and apply ZKP concepts and protocols like Selective Disclosure leading to real business features. Check out our demo!

Accomplishments Credz is proud of

We were able to integrate a Biometrics ZKP algorithm for Euclidean Distance into Bitcoin sCrypt and create a cool demo simulation environment for our Progressive Trust Protocol using industry standards for Verifiable Credentials, Verifiable Presentations and Decentralized Identifiers.

What we learned

We developed our own application protocol using Zero Knowledge Credentials intended for Decentralized supply chains whereby users can negotiate and prove claims to improve their bargaining position in the online trade for physical assets.

What's next for Credz

We continue to develop our mobile application and back end solution for preserving the value of physical assets and facilitating the trade of digital twins.

Built With

  • biometrics
  • credentials
  • decentralizedidentifiers
  • identity
  • progressivetrust
  • supplychain
  • zero-knowledge
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