I am a painter and I want to have my own application/website and also, showcase my artwork to the world.

What it does

My application uses React JS as the library/framework for a single page app. The single page app displays my artwork and uses page routing to navigate between a landing and gallery view.

How I built it

Using React JS and scaffolded with create-react-app I build out the application in the Repl.It environment. The react-router-dom package was used to implement page routing.

Challenges I ran into

Some of the styling was a bit tricky but I tried to keep the application itself as simple as possible for learners and those who wish to extend the concept.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My write up and also the artwork showcased within my application.

What I learned

Developing these applications has helped me better understand the architecture for applications and importantly how to implement page routing.

What's next for Starving Artist? Time To React With Single Page Apps!

Hopefully this inspires others to develop applications with React. Ideally I'd like to lower the barrier for entry for this kind of thing as I am sure many artists and commercial vendors would also love to be able to have the 'keys' to develop their own custom website/application.

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