Ever since the start of civilization, we humans have been using the stars for many different purposes. Some people look at the stars when they were lost to look for guidance, some seek answers about the universe from the stars, and some believe that we can gain insight into our potential ways of being, gifts, challenges, opportunities and internal conflicts, and by using astrology, people can make meaningful choices about the direction of their future. In our current time, especially during this pandemic, our inspiration is to create a platform to connect and bring people together using astrological horoscope or zodiac signs. Believe it or not, why not give the stars a chance to guide you on the journey to find a new friend, or even a soulmate that you have been looking for. You might be surprised!

What it does

Match and connect people based on their horoscope fit. Meet new people and get to know them using the app. Learn more about astrology and astronomy, and how your zodiac signs help defined your characteristics.

How we built it

A team of 3 developers from Northeastern, we came up with this idea because we all are interested in horoscope. 2 of us are responsible for backend, and 1 for frontend. We started with designing a schematic for user flow, and start designing the UI for the app based on it. After that, we used Android Studio to create the responsive front-end, and connect it to our backend and database.

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult for us as a team when we started the project. It was first time we developed a mobile application. We built everything from scratch and had a lot of difficulties in learning new technology. It was very difficult to finish an app in a weekend, as we faced many issues with both front-end and back-end. Working in the android studio, integrating database and scaling UI, recreating the design in the code, etc., are our challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We completed an application from scratch from our own idea. We drew beautiful UI integrated with interactive front-end code. We configured an organized database systems.

What we learned

We had so much fun working as a team in this Hackathon. We learned a lot of things in a short time period such as brainstorming ideas, effective collaboration and communication with teammates, organizational skills, and even learning how to create an app on a new platform.

What's next for StarVerse

This is just the beginning! StarVerse is a young project with a lot of potential. We were only able to finish it in such a short period of time, but there's many left to do. Our vision is to make the app fully function, scalable, and release it for users to enjoy! We want to make the app more intuitive for users based on their feedback once we have a working prototype. We also want to add more features and functions to it in the future. Nevertheless, we are grateful that Hackathon has given us this opportunity to work together and compete with other talented teams. It's been an amazing weekend, and we are sure everybody enjoyed the experience! Thank you!

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