Industrial "Works"- my first (Alton Iron Works) and subsequent (Clairton Works, Parlin Works, Kenvil Works, et als) in specialty chemicals, aerospace & biotech manufacturing (human resources/labor relations/legal roles). Replace smokestack industry and unresponsive governance systems using longer levers available in the Information Age.

Inspired by the eternally optimistic Buckminster Fuller, W. Edwards Deming, Paul Petzoldt, Ryan Holmes, Jack Bogle, Peter Rodino, my teachers, the Parkland students and faculty, my spouse and family, Richard Feynman, George Tolson ("He had the drive and intellect to follow any career he wished, but his choice was to teach."), the matriarchs, and Canadarm2.

The overarching idea is to build a private, civil, social good/social enterprise/social media lifestyle ecosystem such has the world may not have experienced (digitally). This may parallel the way a successful startup nation organized it's production base.

What it does

Inward Looking: A strictly noncommercial social media sandbox unified by mission and purpose, with a philosophical base biased to purposeful activity, organized in a unified system of governance, aimed to facilitate social good collaboration by individuals in and among emergent talent communities.

Outward Looking: Mission - Forging the Industrial Base of the Information Age.

How I built it

Pre-seed: Phase 1: Acquisition of "works" domains in informatics cognates in which I have worked as an attorney and human resources/organizational development person.

Phase 2: As a quick and dirty content management system I point "works" and other basic industry domains to associated Twitter accounts. See, e.g., @startupworks @hackerworks, @aiworks_com, @roboticsworks, @licensingworks, @textileworks, @biotechie_com, @gamerworks, @useworks, @sportsworks_com, @wineryworks, @producerworks, @farmerworks, @rehabgrid, @hedworks, @cognitivewx, @esquireworks, @expeditionworx, @OJOS_com, @DxWorks, @DiverWorks, @PedalWorks_com, @CoutureWorks (and on for a while).

Challenges I ran into

reach > grasp
Coding skills are limited
Breadth of specialized interest areas is large.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using my network, such as it is, for social good, truth, justice & the American way (paraphrasing Kal-El) such as it ought to be.

What I learned

A rock feels no pain. An island never cries. (Paul Simon)

What's next for StartupWorks LLC

Phase 3: Point domains to hackathon project grids and specific projects in StartupWorks' pipeline.

Phase 4: Install outdoor education leadership training in partnership with highly esteemed and experienced association of instructors. Obtain scholarship funds for this key element of the ecosystem

Phase 5: A standalone platform (that might look like an inward-facing Twitter for individuals and their cooperative social good enterprises to communicate within the ecosystem) to facilitate cohesive team formation and development tied to these and similar domains (each of which will be made available for discrete purposeful activity and mission-oriented hackathon projects):

Hive Societal Computing Cognate

Domain Twitter Account Proposed Hackathon Upcoming Hackathon @LongerLever Purpose driven societal computing project management (inward facing). @LongerLever Purpose driven societal computing product/outcomes (outward facing). @AlgorithmWorks Artificial intelligence mechanisms of social good. @AiWorks_com Supervised learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence mechanisms of social good. @RoboticsWorks @GamerWorks Data in Game Theory UX @ActionableHuman    

Health Cognate

Domain Twitter Account Proposed Hackathon Upcoming Hackathon @OJOSdotcom Healthy lifestyle/Yoga lifestyle search @DiagnoticVR @DxWorks @RehabGrid, @DisabilityWorks, @AdaptiveDevice@MakerDr, @MakerTherapist, @MakerRN, @MyFavoriteMaker @rehabulous_org @CognitiveWx and @clinicalVR @HedWorks Neuropsych apps @performancegrid @SportsWorks_com @ProduceWorks @FarmerWorks and @EthosFarm Plant powered nutrition @drone2table Edge of the farm produce on target @biotechie_com @biotechRx @SlumberWorks Fighting disease with da Zzz's,, and @PharmaPharm, @formularyworks, @FormularyRx, Specialty Pharmacy apps  

Hive - Student Journalism and Natural Language Processing Cognate

Domain Twitter Account Proposed Hackathon Upcoming Hackathon @LingoWorks Natural Language Processing ("NLP") apps @AppleSeedWorks Coverage of mission-oriented, social good/enterprise student activity @classYaction Support, report and exhort enterprise change through purposeful (economic) activity @JewelryGrid Statement Pieces Upcoming Hackathon @CoutureWorks Statement wearables Upcoming Hackathon @LiveFromLiberty Mission-oriented, purpose driven flash concert app. Public assembly, licensing > cleanup @LibertyIsGreen Earth Day 24x7 Request government action using video apps @RealiTv_com Videography chronicling startup formation @GOVTworks @nashvilleworks Songwriter production, development, promotion, booking and licensing ecosystem app @NastyWorks Nast-y (in tribute to Thomas Nast, that is) Opinion Editorial (Political) Cartoons and @ShakespeareanWx Shakespearean-style battle rap and exposition of modern derivatives, and @FightWorks_com, @Standupworks and @StandupTv A bully pulpit app for calling out elected representatives and candidates for elected office on political positions affecting Ninth Amendment rights which may be asserted (personal data privacy, right to be let alone, victims rights, et als. @DoggyWorks Dog tags re-imagined for political messaging @WorkingDogWorks Service dog connectedness and trust resources @WZOO_com Dispatches from the animal kingdom @VeterinaryWorks Small, large and exotic animal resources @WDYK_com Socratic dialogue  
Reserved for (olde English spelling of BS (with an "e" at the end @bull______com (same spelling as domain but with an underscore before the "com" Regrettably, Big Data of Information Age has given new life to The Big Lie so we nee #wecallBS apps to help distinguish propositions of fact from BS. @EmmaWorks @VerdadTv @TiempoTv Tiempo means both time and weather. #timeforchange has arrived. @aCapellaTv_com Follow the bouncing ball-type lyric server for original and public domain acapella arrangements  

Public/Private Civics Cognates

Domain Twitter Account Proposed Hackathon Upcoming Hackathon @govtworks Get Out Vote Today "GOVT" apps and @longerlever and @WDYK_com Speech and Debate "Forensics" app ecosystem, pushing and pulling levers of social change, engaging in Socratic dialogue for purposeful activities that advance social good @jurisworks 9th Amendment Jurisprudence as a source of rights for balancing privacy interests @311tv_com Apps for making your voice heard in local government and @535ind and @gamerworks Microdonation apps that facilitate 25 cent donations when curiosity or anger is piqued.  

Informatics Cognates

Domain Twitter Account Proposed Hackathon Upcoming Hackathon @aiworks_com @RoboticsWorks @hackerworks @miningworks @textileworks @InformaticsWx @mathematicsWx @algorithmworks    

Outdoor Leadership Education Cognates

Domain Twitter Account Proposed Hackathon Upcoming Hackathon @expdtnbehavior @ExpeditionWorx Team development in expeditionary settings @Fidelity_Works Expeditionary learning mission orientation apps @SurvivorWorks Team development in expeditionary settings and @fatherworks_com and @milkworks_com Parenting, inter-generational, future-self apps @vownow Marital vows and outdoor wedding planning apps @NaturSpa_com Ecotour for fun, personal development & social good @WineryWorks Ecotour American Viticultural Areas and appellations  

Music Publishing-Licensing-Booking Cognates

Domain Twitter Account Proposed Hackathon Upcoming Hackathon @DRMworks Copyright Recapture for legacy/estate songwriters and 100 percent maintenance of copyright system for emerging songwriters (individual and joint owners) @AmericanaWorks ABCs of songwriting apps @BluesWorks ABCs of Blues songwriting apps @Canadacana ABCs of songwriting apps @NashvilleWorks Studio musician apps @RapWorks Reverse mentoring of Old School artists and producers with a random coffee approach @FightWorks_com Battle Rap league competition app matching humans versus RNN Shady-type apps @BookingWorks App for touring musicians to pre sellout venues matched to their market. @LicensingWorks IP and product licensing dedicated 100 percent to 100 percent author/owners and estates. @aCapellaTv_com aCapella and karaoke apps @JazzWorks_com @ProducerWorks Symphonic Services, natural soundscape, city soundscape sampling apps  

Alternative Energy Cognates

Domain Twitter Account Proposed Hackathon Upcoming Hackathon @libertyisgreen @EasternGrid Alt energy apps for climates east of the Mississippi @WesternGrid Alt energy apps for climates west of the Mississippi @HydrogenWorks @LithiumWorks @NickelWorks_ @NitrogenWorks    
EinsteinWorks @EinsteinWorks    

Business and Finance Cognates

Domain Twitter Account Proposed Hackathon Upcoming Hackathon @fiduciaryio "Fiduciary Investment Only" for college and retirement savings @bankingworks @miningworks @walletworks @credworks @bibusiness @exportworks @MBAworks_com    

Art Cognate

Domain Twitter Account Proposed Hackathon Upcoming Hackathon
ArtistGrid @ArtistGrid Emergent and art history storytelling as below ... @VanGoghWorks Finest quality oil-on-canvas/linen reproductions of works and details (fully customized in every detail) conveyed over the period of production with a user experience that parallels Vincent's correspondence with Theo. @SculpturedWorks @KlimtWorks @WarholWorks @machinimation Animated storytelling derived from games @AnimaTv Animated storytelling  
GauguinWorks @GauguinWorks @DegasWorks @RenoirWorks @AnselAdamsWorks Storytelling with photography  

Built With

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