We were inspired to design software to aid in the idea of a smart ecosystem in tech hubs to encourage creative collisions.

What it does

The applications custom maps projects and devs to a fit algorithm as to make recommendations for projects that should get in touch with each other to share in their creative process and to utilize like-minded projects for feedback.

How we built it

This is built upon a Flask framework that utilizes the sklearn algorithms for data manipulation and fitting to recommendations. All packaged neatly behind a modern frontend optimized for the perspective of a project team.

Challenges we ran into

The database system we were using allowed for the creation of custom types for columns but sadly upon further use and testing the custom types didn't cooperate with the necessity for HTTP requests.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of designing and getting the project into a well-rounded concept design application. We are also proud of the idea and the possibilities it holds to empowering tech hubs and the startup projects incubated inside them.

What we learned

We learned a lot of nuances in dealing with CQL. Our frontend dev learned about a way to automate CSS creation to speed up frontend design. And we learned that as a team we all work quite well together.

What's next for StartupCentral

StartupCentral's next steps would be finalizing the messaging software and adding further learning patterns to the recommendation software to allow for further customizability/flexibility in the fit numbers.

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