Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, many startups were affected due to the sudden change in manforce, productivity, schedule, and many other things.

With Startup XG Boost, we aspire to empower these startups and help them analyze how they can improve their services.

What it does

Startup XG Boost is a tool that uses core Machine Learning algorithms to calculate several useful analytics such as the Average Customer Comment Emotion and Sales prediction . It uses Data Visualization techniques to show the final output to the user through easy-to-understand Graphs.

Featuring a beautiful UI and a color theme light on the eyes, Startup XG Boost is bound to make a real-world impact.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge for us was the difference in our specific time zones, hampering our regular schedule and not letting us collaborate with each other at the same time. We also were not able to finish our project due to time constraints and issues with model deployment in Heroku.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Made a website that can help Startups in the real world
  • Added a beautiful UI and a matching theme to it
  • Used Regressive Machine Learning Algorithms to analyze the input and show the output to the user
  • Use of Data Visualization for easy analysis
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