tl;dr: Startup is a magical creature that responds to the user's voice commands using speech-to-text recognition. It also helps with the transition to college! Startup provides food and dorm cleaning supplies upon request!! Not to mention Startup is LITERALLY A GIANT UNICORN.

Making Startup required a skillset spanning mechanical engineering, physics, electrical engineering/electronics, and computer science. When you say a voice command, like "I'm hungry," the laptop inside Startup detects the keyword using Sphinx (Carnegie Mellon University open source software), and the signal is transmitted to a server which the UNO reads. The UNO pushes the command to one of two attached Servos, which operate the door. We custom modified gears that are used to open and close the doors. The laptop speakers are used when Startup vocally responds to your requests. The 6-foot tall magnificent creature is built out of aluminum beams (provided at MLH tables), wooden planks (that are velcroed), bed sheet fabric (for the outer layer), and a custom-designed foam-board head with an aluminum foil horn. Stability of the creature was optimized by unique designs for the "hooves" using corner brackets.

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