We always wanted to easily learn new language, but we didn't had enough time. We had time to read news anyway, so why not combine the two: reading an article and learning a new language? But you do not know the other culture, so we give you a way to easily get into this culture by reading their articles!

What it does

You want to learn about a specific topic? You want to learn a new language aswell? Here comes Carousel, an easy way to read about articles related to the one you want, in the language you want to learn!

How we built it

Based on the powerful Watson by IBM, the Bing search engine, the all mighty Django hosted on the BlueMix network, we created, feature by feature, a set of tools to help one learn a new language.

Challenges we ran into

Some API weren't working as excepted, if at all, there was also some issues with the hosting and python3 support.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to interface Watson, Bing and Django was a thrilling experience, feeling the flow of information, the powerful backend to support us was really nice to have!

What we learned

That a team experience is based on each member, that success is achievable only if everyone works together as a team, using domain specific abilities to resolve SMART objectives.

What's next for start-hack2016

We will surely come back next year to enjoy even more challenges!

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