Changing the world in small incremental steps

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The problem

To create a better world and increase understanding among each other, everyone have similar cognitive oportunities, or at least a common ground in this regards. 80% of human communication is non-verbal, and blind people are deprived of that valuable part. This is a barrier for emotional connections, and we are here to bring it down.

Our solution

Our Pheel Smartglasses provide audio feedback on the expression and reactions of the people in front of you. They count with an integrated camera and send synchronous images to the Azure Cloud for Sentiment Analysis. This feedback is communicated back to the user in the form of speech, transferred through a discrete bone conduction interface.

The Implementation

Along these 31 hours, we built a working Web Application that performs sentiment analysis based on webcam input and transforms the result in user actionable audio feedback.

  • Backend -> Node.js
  • Frontend -> React.js
  • Sentiment Analysis -> Azure Face API
  • Text to Speech -> Azure TTS API

Our Vision

Our bigger picture is to implement this framework into a pair of glasses, that discretly scans and feedbacks the enviroment to the user in need. Using cameras for the face detection and bone conduction for communicating the feedback - enabling emotions for everyone!

# ThinkBigStartSmall

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