When I saw the new sumatran tiger newborn twins at London zoo and I found out the species was on the red list I just had to try and work out a way to alert people and get them to help. The zsl video was so adorable I thought it was a great place to start. I thought using this as the background to movies starring tiger conservationists, cat loves in fact any one with a heart would want to generate personalised content which would generate new ways to market the plight and new ways to appeal for help.

What it does

I use the xbox 360 'you're in the movies' pack to film customers with a green screen background and then merges the sumatran cubs video creating an adorable movie with a headlining message! You appear to be wrestling with the Sumatran tiger cubs in London Zoo. The movie joins a zoo library and people can browse and indicate that they like the submissions forming a legueue table. The movie will be sold for your further distribution. The zoo will promote the service online and in the zoo and people will want to document their concerns in this personal way that encourages a larger hit rates and so, in turn, further advertises their own star appeal. This app will help grow endangered species awareness but also it's just great family and friend fun!you are starring in their top video content.

How we built it

The phone app will vet the movie submission to verify the criteria of the scripted movie template. The submission will be used by the 'you're in the movies' studio to generate the movie. This movie will be delivered to the customer on payment. I will be entered into the frank Sumatran memorial competition where it will be displayed in a repository of zoo movies with the director and actors details preserved

Challenges we ran into

The xbox live membership didn't come from ebay - it was a cyber criminal's add so I cant use the movie studio for the demonstration. The generation of a movie script to fit with the existing tiger cub video is harder than generating both together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Promoting the sumatran tiger's plight and trying to stop them from becoming extinct because it is simply unimaginable

What we learned

We think that the personal touch will work. People love a familiar face so will enjoy watching the video and are more likely to react to messages from friends and family than to faceless companies or governments instructions.

What's next for start spreading the news > 500 Sumatran tigers left

We would like to make it so easy to operate from any place. We would like to provide a selection of green screens and scripts from other endangered species i.e. the pangolins

Built With

  • java
  • xbox-360-you're-in-the-movies
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