What it does

StarryNift is the first gamified massive creation platform and launchpad for fun digital collectibles. The mission is to empower art by technology and democratize value appreciation as DAO. The vision is to enable the whole ecosystem to share the prosperity of creator and token economy and unlock new ways to explore the metaverse by game+art+DeFi+NFT Ark.

How we built it

We use generation and post processing of assets using Convolutional Neuron Network and Generative Adversarial Network; Fair Discrete Structure Allocation Algorithms for Asset Rarity Allocations and Enchantment Allocation; Pixelation and Voxelization; and Mathematical Expectation on Asset Fair Values. The technologies have loose connections to the three layers constituting the platform, namely the Creative Layer; the Crystallization Layer; and the Catalysis Layer. However, one particular technical aspect might find use in more than one layers. The technological aspects as well as the platform are expected to grow alongside each other and continue to develop.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The first original NFT blind box marketplace will launch in the mid-late July. And we have already reported by Bloomberg, Business Insider and The London Economic.

What's next for StarryNift

DeFi mechanism and NFT-based game released (potentially TCG game and SLG strategic war game)

Built With

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