Problem Statement

In the retail stores, parents want to finish their shopping quickly without the distraction of their kids, while keeping kids entertained.


A guided tour app that is empowered by augmented reality, in which the avatar character appears on top of desired items on shopping list.

How does it work for you ?

  1. Parents build a shopping list. The app design the most efficient route.
  2. Kids choose their avatar.
  3. The experience starts. Avatar direct kids to the desired item, one at a time, by appearing from current to position to the destination.

How we built it

We built it on Unity, using Google Tangle API.

Business model( pay for value and accessibility)

3-D glasses model in move theater


  1. Walk-in and pick up AR glasses  
  2. Experience guided tour  
  3. Return glasses when your done.   

Rental fee model -

$2.99-$4.99 depending on seasonality/functionality.   

Promotion suggestions:

 Offer bundles. Meal Plan + AR plan  
 Rewards program for using AR in stores  

Target Audience

Platforms requiring guided experiences: Amusement parks
Colleges during orientation
grocery stores/malls
Famous places indoors ( Museum )

Key Costs

Engineering costs
Promotions and advertiving

How does it benefit you as a company ?

Unique brand value – a company having AR
Continuous revenue stream with rental model
Customer relation improves
Appeal to the “cool kids”


Revenue from AR –

Eg. Walmart 100,000,000 customers per week across 11,600 stores.
$2.99 rental fees with a 2% adoption rate
Rental revenue in 1st year $5.98 million

Costs -

Maintenance costs per year- $6million ( cleaning costs @ 10c per unit)
Total costs = $1.5 million for 1st year.

Profit –

Est. $4.4 million for Y1
Est. $3.6 million for Y2 ( 80% retention rate for AR use)

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