NASA Space Log from the Starry Visions Team [09.15.2018. 15:32]: 1. Inspiration: We are space fanatics and nerds who believe in the importance of providing accessible STEM education to the public. 2. What it does: It allows users to learn about constellations with immersive and engaging technology. 3. How we built it: Platform was built using Unity, Google VR (Google Cardboard), Visual Studio and C#. 4. Challenges we ran into: We struggled with implementing on screen button clicking with Google Cardboard. 5. Accomplishments that we're proud of: We are beginners with very little coding knowledge. However, in the given time we were able to create a full VR environment from scratch. 6: What we learned: This was our first time using any of the technologies in this project. Within approximately 24 hours we were able to gain enough knowledge in Unity and C# to create a functional product. 7. What's next for Starry Visions: We would like to implement several game options within this app as well as expand to iOS devices. We would also like to expand beyond constellations and add planets, stars, etc.

Conclusion Mission accomplished!

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