As four young female designers and developers, we quickly connected on Friday. As we threw around ideas for a hack based on our experiences with Virtual Reality so far (some of us had a lot of experience - like Sophia - while others were putting on a headset for the first time - like Shriya and Grace), we all got very excited about the idea of exploring through space. We wanted to make a project that was collaborative and allowed people to connect and communicate in a unique way, which led us to this idea. Grace thought of an ethereal, interesting name - Starry Eyed - and it was born.

How it works

Two or more users sit in front of their computers with Leap Motions plugged in. They connect to our web portal on their phone and put on a VR headset that is compatible with that phone (can be Google Cardboard, VISR VR, or something else). They can then visualize their hand movements in the space environment and explore different places with their friends. They can be far away from one another because the environment is created over the web.

Challenges I ran into

Shriya & Grace had a hard time setting up the back-end of this project. We couldn't get a server started that would take Leap Motion data as input and display hand movements on the screen.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Ayanna & Sophia set up a starry background with Google VR Chrome Experiments (with the split screen needed for VR viewing) plus 4 floating planets built with THREE.js. We also had a great time recording ourselves interacting with the Leap Motion and planets (Grace) and building the demo video & slide deck (Shriya).

What's next for Starry Eyed

We are going to keep in touch and potentially work on the project (and other projects) in the future. We really enjoyed this hackathon and had a great time meeting people, learning, working, and demoing our project.

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