Starport is the easiest way to build a blockchain. It is a developer-friendly interface to the Cosmos SDK, the world's most widely-used blockchain application framework. Starport generates boilerplate code for you, so you can focus on writing business logic.

Quick start

Open Starport in your browser, or install it. Then:

starport app

cd mychain

starport serve


To learn how to use Starport, check out the Starport Documentation. To learn more about how to customize your blockchain see config.yml reference. To install Starport locally on GNU/Linux or macOS, follow these steps.

To learn more about building a JavaScript frontend for your Cosmos SDK blockchain, see tendermint/vue.


For questions and support please join the #starport channel in the Cosmos Community Discord. The issue list of this repo is exclusively for bug reports and feature requests.


We welcome contributions from everyone. The develop contains the development version. You can branch of from develop and create a pull request, or maintain your own fork and submit a cross-repository pull request. Thank you to all those who have contributed to Starport!

Stay in touch

Starport is a free and open source product maintained by Tendermint. Follow us to get the latest updates!

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