Wishing to build some graphic applications with WebGL or three.js, and having seen that MLH Hardware Lab had some LeapMotions, I decided to build a 'endless running game' controlled with my hand positions.

What it does

With a LeapMotion, it allows me to move around a asteroids field vertically and horizontally and also 'Do a Barrel Roll!' and shoot booms to destroy a great ammount of asteroids.

How I built it

I build it basically with three.js and the LeapMotion SDK, also using node + express + html... to dependencies, server, main view... respectively.

Challenges I ran into

LeapMotion provides a great API with also great examples but sometimes the hardware becomes a bit 'crazy' so it's difficult to program clean and soft movements with it. Also talking about three.js, my greatest challenge have been my ignorance about graphics, 3d models, cameras...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having completed quite a complete and functional game within 1 and a half day with totally unknow technologies :D

What I learned

A lot about three.js and some cool functionalities you can get from LeapMotion.

What's next for StarMotion

If I have the chance to get another LeapMotion, I'd like to complete a bit more this game, cleaning its code, adding more gestures to create more movement types, and simplify the gameplay.

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