I really just thought this would be a cool, fun project, and was hoping to make something Tony Stark-esqe (Hence StarkToast)

What it does

It uses the system's webcam to allow the user to interact with a digital 3D object in real time, with their hands

How I built it

I used my admittedly limited knowledge of computer vision and 3D modeling with vpython, along with quite a bit of research to help further my knowledge while developing this project

Challenges I ran into

Using vpython module to properly render and modify the 3D object, as well as refining the hand detection and calculations properly (which is still a work in progress)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to develop enough that this project mostly works under optimal conditions

What I learned

I learned far more about 3D modeling and computer vision than I had previously known

What's next for StarkToast

Continuing to refine the algorithm for hand detection and calculations based on that to make the program smoother overall

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