While the world is dealing with pandemic, i.e. Covid-19, there are some people who are not following the protocol of maintaining 6-feet distance, using hand sanitizer, etc. CDC has been publishing guidelines frequently about the importance of masks and sanitizers after the outbreak in China, followed by Italy and Iran, but unfortunately, even during lockdown, some people fail to follow these guidelines and are a threat to public in general. I wanted to build a filter that sends a message to the user that sanitizers are important not just for their health, but for the hygiene of people around them!

What it does

When people move around, they will see virus everywhere. Somewhere in between, there is a hand sanitizer that pops a message when tapped.

How I built it

-SparkAR -AR Libraries

Challenges I ran into

Object and plane tracking becomes difficult if it involves 3D elements. SparkAR is pretty flexible that way. It lets users test the effects they built on their devices through SparkAR Player App. Also, for publishing these filters, there is a guideline for both Facebook and Instagram. If your project size exceeds the limit, you won't be able to publish your effect on SparAR Hub.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This filter is able to produce the effect which was intended, and the features are not looking out-of-place either.

What I learned

I explored some really cool SparkAR features and I have used them in my project as well. I would like to explore some advanced features too!



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