Our project is inspired by the Iron Man series in which Tony Stark can browse through files with 3d holographic displays. We hope to capture a fragment of how cool the movies felt.

What it does

StARk Files is a location-based AR Data Storage System. The user can select a file, point the camera at a suitable location, and the system will cross-reference the image target, GPS location of the user, and the account information the next time the user wants to access that file. There is some sensitive information that we don't need access to everywhere. A couple of years ago, hackers got access to many celebrities' private photos. With StARk files, people can store the files digitally in their own home based on how they take pictures. For example, if you want your "password" to your favorite book, you can take a picture of that book on your shelf. Furthermore, you can also set the files to be public to everyone. As a result, the software will turn into a location-based AR chat room where people can leave messages for people to find like a scavenger hunt.

How I built it

The AR system is built on Unity using Vuforia assets. We are also using Firebase Authentication services for account creation and login. Additionally, we are using Firebase Storage for file upload and download. The main programming language used is c#.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating Firebase into our project was the most difficult aspect of the project. We also ran out of time making a pdf renderer for Unity, so we can only display txt files right now.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the first time either of us had ever used AR in programming. We're proud of how much we managed to build given the learning curve in the past 2 days.

What I learned

Integrating two different platforms together (Unity and Firebase) can be very difficult, but rewarding.

What's next for StARk Files

Moving forward, we hope to add support for rendering numerous filetypes (pdfs, .mp4, jpg, png, etc.). Also, we can improve the UI.

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