I was contribution to a project Caddy, a blazing fast simple server written in Go, it had 2xxx stars at the time and I was curious to see the evolutions of the stars overtime. So I built a proof of concept that is hosted here

What it does

The program expect to be provided with a valid Github repo and a Github API token. It will then query the Github API to get all the stars and the time at which those stars were added to the repository.

How I built it

I divided the work into 3 categories: a program/library that communicates with the Github API, a website and an API for OAuth on Github and sending the stars to the Frontend using the library.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The prototype was quite nice and with a few improvement leveraging the concurrency in Go I was able to make it much much faster.

What I learned

Use the concurrency in Go Use an API with Go. Make a web server with Go. The most impressive is that it was easy to do all of that just with the standard library.

What's next for Stargraph

I would like to make it a whole service that people use to add the chart of the grow of the stars on there repository with a like to get more info about the repo.

Built With

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