1. Starting Point

1.1 Starmind's current business

Starmind is a company that tracks the skills of a company's employees throughout multiple sources inside the company and keeps them up to date in an AI-powered User Profile.

1.2 Hackathon Challenge

For the Hackathon, we have challenged ourselves to extend this model by using skill data of employees to match them to job opportunities inside their companies on a platform that would be accessible from any device.

2. Addressable Pain Points

Such a solution would be interesting for the employees, as current solutions require a lot of active work and attention from the employee him- or herself. Sometimes scrolling through unappealing websites littered with information that they need to carefully assess by themselves.

But also the HR department has problems with the current solution. Internal referrals follow a given path that is predetermined and sometimes misses out on capitalizing off of interesting skillsets an employee might have that simply get overlooked. Oftentimes such employees end up being poached away by headhunters on LinkedIn and other platforms.

Overall, we listed the following pain points for companies using traditional internal job posting boards:


  • Reducing employee turnover to cut down unnecessary costs
    • Cost of hiring employees
    • Cost of training and developing new employees
  • Supporting employees to forge unique paths in advancing the company with their personal goals
  • Allocating internal intellectual capital for efficiency and productivity

HR Managers

  • Increase efficiency in posting and preselecting job applicants


  • Receiving higher quality applicants with matching capabilities
  • Saving time through constant updates of available job seekers


  • Accessing better fitting jobs with individualized recommendations

3. Features and Application

For this reason, we created Stargaze. An application that is designed to work in conjunction with Starmind's software which is already a reliable source of real-time data about employee's skills and knowledge. However, it can also work independently sourcing its information about employee's skills from any other source out there on the market.

After the user logs into our solution, our algorithm matches her skills that are linked to her user profile, with the database of eligible positions inside the company and their required skills.

Stargaze's algorithm takes various factors into account in order to ensure a good match between employee and occupation. For one, the job description's essential skills are weighted more heavily than optional skills. With this information, the algorithm computes a percentage fit of the employee skillset for the position. However, we go one step further. Since we firmly believe that happy employees make good employees our algorithm also takes into account how good the occupation would fit the employee through a reverse skill matching process seeing how many of the employee's skills are being used in the application.

Between those two values, we call them employee fit and occupation fit respectively, we calculate a weighted average percentage of match which is the final measure of how well the employee and the position fit together.

This data is finally displayed to the user in a list of open positions featuring a visual representation of the fit between employee and occupation. There, the employee can browse and discover new, exciting opportunities.

Finally, the employee can click on any of the list entries and get additional information about the job offer. Among the classics like the job description, the team that she would be working with and the corresponding HR Manager, including his or her contact information, it features a list of the essential and optional skills listed for the job. This list is matched against the skills that are linked to the employee's profile and show which of the skills she has covered and what might be missing.

In order to further support the employees, one can click on any of the skills that are marked as lacking. This opens a new tab that redirects the employee to a training solution (for example Udemy) the company might be working with, automatically listing ways to acquire the skill in question.

All in all, we believe we have created an good solution that is able to empower companies and employees and hope you find so as well. The application can be found under


username: bob@drakon-solutions.com.

password: "password".


David, Jonas, Konrad, Yichao

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