What I learned Start fish is a freshwater fish and it is trend to keep them in aquarium. It is found in American major pet stores. Start fish is a tank pet. It is quite easy to keep it at home. Sick Start fish can be handled easily than naturally active and vibrant fish. Start fish can also fly and jump and come out of the tank. But when it looks lazy, treat them immediately and pay proper attention. You can make it active pet by proper feeding and breeding. Keep in view below mentioned valuable tips for feeding, breeding and housing of Start fish to make it active and healthy. There can be some reasons of being sick of your pet. Provide your Start fish fresh and wide water to move. Never keep more Start fish together in one tank or aquarium because they are fighting fish. They can debilitate each other. Also avoid keeping them with angelfish, gourmands and fancy guppies. There should not be chlorine in water. Always use water conditioners to prevent the chlorine because this pet is too much sensitive. Also keep constant water temperature and PH level. How to Feed Star Fish • Supply clean and fresh water to Start fish all the time. Your pet fish water must be neat, in plenty and free from contamination. • This species can get disease from water born Bacteria and it can cause death. • This fish like to eat food at the surface of water. So drop food in water with nasal tool when fish sees the food nasal. • Star are very quick eater. It is fond of brine, shrimp and frozen blood worm, glass worm, plankton, tubing, Daphne etc. Ensure to give only 6 to 7 shrimp at a time. If fish finish this quantity then again offer them a small quantity of food. • During already spawning time feed them more. Entertain them with live form food like black worms, fruits flies and mosquito larvae. These all food items are available in dried form. • Encourage new born fry to eat after 5 days old. Feed these small fry Star numerous times with fry brine, small shrimp and boiled egg yolk. • If you want to feed them dried food, Start fish will not eat at start but gradually it will start to eat. • After spawn, give it some time for recovery, at least one week. Then start heavy feeding. • Be cautious when you are feeding them. Over feeding and improper food can kill you pet.

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