We were inspired by a popular mobile application in which the user moves a burger-in-progress along a horizontal axis to catch the necessary elements of the burger. We set out to create a similar, web-based game with a different theme(smoothies) and increased difficulty.

What it does

The user drags a glass along the counter to catch different fruits. At the end of a minute, the game is over and the score is displayed.

How we built it

We used construct2 in creating our game.

Challenges we ran into

-Negative point distribution -Speed of the falling fruits -Keyboard reaction time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As beginners to programming and coding, we are proud to say that we learned to use and successfully created a game with construct2 in under 24 hours. We were able to troubleshoot our problems and improve on our original design.

What we learned

We learned how to use construct2 and how video games we play everyday are created.

What's next for Starberry

We have plans to create different modes for the game and improve on the graphics and details. Eventually, we hope to publish the game on the App Store.

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