Immersive virtual reality experiences usually require a bulky headset and are not inherently social. We wanted to remedy those problems by letting you star in a socially immersive adventure with friends taking place in your living room. You can still choose to use a headset if you want complete immersion.

What it does

Become a character in an interactive media experience. Play as Spock, Kirk, Uhura or Sulu along with three other friends. Control characters using motion tracking and voice recognition. Record your experience for playback later.

How I built it

We created a virtual reality experience using Unity3D, Maya, Visual Studio, etc. and allow you to become a character with Kinect motion tracking and voice recognition.

Challenges I ran into

Maya models are sometimes buggy when imported into Unity3D. We had to do a lot of manual mesh renderings. Getting Kinect to track multiple users and record the experience for playback.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a virtual reality experience that is social, fun for superfans.

What I learned

How to create good VR experiences both with headsets and without. How to create immersion using motion tracking.

What's next for Star Trek Adventures

Create a mixed reality version where a hologram appears in your living room of your favorite Star Trek character

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