shopping can be very stressful especially for people with impaired vision. Star will help people navigate stores to the items they want

What it does

locates items throughout a store and guides users to the item location using a navigating robot

How I built it

For the robot we used a raspberry pi robot kit. We submit requests to the robot using google assistant which update a mongodb database that the robot pulls the data from. Once the request is received the robot finds the appropriate path to take and navigates to the item or user to the item.

Challenges I ran into

finding paths was difficult. Also testing in store was challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we were able to provide a working demo in store that helped people find items.

What I learned

Indoor navigation is a difficult proposition and requires quite a bit of setup and technology.

What's next for STAR (Site Transnavigation Autonomous Robot)

We want to: improve our route finding, make the robot more robust,

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