Ever wanted Google Street View for night skies? Now you have it. Introducing StarGazer!

What it does

StarGazer is a service for astronomy enthusiasts. Users can:

  • Upload their pictures of night skies to the cloud.
  • Get image processing result including names of stars & planets that are captured in user's image.
  • Explore night skies of other part of the world using intuitive globe interface.

How We built it

StarGazer has two pages: Study page and Explore page.

Study Page

In study page, users can upload their images and get image processing results. We used to determine users' GPS coordinates, then process their images with Astrometry API to get names of stars & planets.

Explore Page

There is a fullscreen 3D globe inside the Explore page. Users can easily identify community images as orange markers on the globe. We have implemented camera controls and rendering with three.js library.

Challenges We ran into

The Api we used for processing the images didnt provide any documentation in javascript, also it took long to process every request, taking up a lot of our time. Also the url provided by firebase for the stored images was not compatible with astrometry api so we coudnt use that either. A challenge we dealt with is that some of us had another engagements to do as well as hacking, so we had to find time to do this project.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We're proud of learning

What We learned

Even though we didn't ended up using Firebase database, we have gained experience of using Firebase REST API.

What's next for Star Gazer

As of now, StarGazer is lacking a backend to store & manage astronomical images. Also, it would be great if we could add constellation detection AI to the service for casual observers.

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