Great rugby players are real stars. But some stars shine even brighter than others ! Main goal of our app was to use AIG data to be able to confront any two players with each other and see who's better.

We tried different ways to visualize data in nice form, so in results:

  • You have player silhouettes dynamically generated based on feed height information. So you not only read numbers but also have visual representation.
  • We're comparing players using elegant "star comparison".

We confront players using various performance indicators based on AIG data - we also applied also our formula to weigh different performance indicators in one value.

Similarly we can:

  • compare any two teams with each other (team statistics are built based on aggregated players data), so you will not only learn which team scores more point on average but you can also check which team "is taller", which one "is heavier" or which one plays more dirty and gets more cards !
  • compare player with team (to see how he stands out )
  • compare player with league average to find out if he's going to beat that !

There is also educational part in the app. As users do not like to read too much from small mobile screen we created intuitive drawing boards that in an instant explain fundamental Rugby rules.

We hope you will have a good fun!

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