I can not enter a group so I choose to send an application for the benefit even if I can not win the award enough to participate Apply health to the pilgrims

  1. When the pilgrim applies for a visa application, he must attach a health record to his health condition and treatments used by him in the event of illness or with special needs. Here the knowledge of the health condition of the pilgrim begins. 2. Upon arrival at the airport, he is registered with the passport system with a number attached to him. 3- In addition to his health condition and places of residence in Mecca, Medina, Mani and Arafat. This figure becomes the number of the pilgrim, similar to his ID number. 4 - In the case of searching for the pilgrim from any point of security can determine his position accurately 5 - When reviewing any hospital uses this figure and is to clarify the state of health in full, which helps to speed treatment less time 6- The bracelet in which the slide is closed, Which will help the non-Baath is returned to the passports at the time of travel and inform the pilgrim in the case of the Baath to pay an estimated amount of money from the state. 7 - The slide contains a pulse sensor if the pulse of the pilgrim is stopped signal is sent and the nearest hand to pick it up

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