I wanted to order copy papers for my business and I though why do it on a website. Can't it be as easy as talking to the seller, then the idea for the Staples bot came

What it does

In a conversational manner this bot helps customers of small businesses who sells office supplies to order from them easily

How I built it

I used AWS LEX, LAMBDA, DYNAMODB with API calls to Quickbooks online to automatically sync inventory and we also have a delivery feature that calls FEDEX Api

Challenges I ran into

Finding the right and simple tutorials for my use case.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first time building a bot and testing it live. I am so proud of myself and I love the AWS Lex platform

What I learned

I learnt alot from ideation to AWS Lex, Lambda, DynamoDB usage and integrating my bot onto messenger platform.

What's next for StaplesBot

Bot robustness to include other office supplies item and calls to APIS like the salesforce for CRM and deployment to other messaging platform like Slack

tester credentials for facebook: Name: Ullrich Albkefgakfj Ricesky User ID100107377334486 email:

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