Incoming students are in desperate need of quiet study space with enough power outlets. However, reviews on Google Maps do not show which places on campus are good for study, and data on quietness, seating and power outlets is lacking.

What it does

The app shows you the places close to you according to the overall rating entered by a community of users and provides detailed information on plugs, seating, and quietness. You can search for specific places to see the detailed view. On top of that, you can visualize the exact location for each study space.

How we built it

We used React Native to build the app and Expo for simulation.

Challenges we ran into

Our background is in web programming but React Native has some quirky features that we need to adapt during the process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building our very first React Native app from scratch while using multiple existing packages that facilitated the app development process.

What we learned

Building the minimum viable product entails figuring out the most important feature.

What's next for Stanford Study Spaces (SSS)

We hope to connect the app to Stanford secure log-in so that students can truly benefit from the wisdom of the crowd.

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